Children and family photo shoot in Schoonhoven

Today I want to share a photo set from a photo session with a wonderful family in Schoonhoven.

Renzo and Gonda were looking for new children and family portraits. They prefer natural style photography and liked an idea of an outdoor photo shoot. Our location was a pleasant quiet park in the Schoonhoven. It was a bright sunny morning and the kids were full of energy. They already knew the park but there is always more to explore!


At the beginning little Senne liked to run away from the camera so we started with making portraits of his elder sister Yara. What a lovely model she is! Yara is not only pretty but a sweet person as well and was a joy to photograph and chat with. Senne soon got intrigued about the photo shoot and joined the scene. I love his mischievous smile! And look at that dirty mouth and all the wild fun with his moustache-shaped lollypop. It was also wonderful to capture the brother and sister having fun together, the band they have. And, of course, this beautiful family together.

kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-3 kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-2 kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-4kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-5 kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-6 kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-7-OlgaRook kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-8-OlgaRook kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-9 kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-10 kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-11 kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-12 kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-14 kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-15 kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-16 kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-17 kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-18-OlgaRook kinderen-fotoshoot-schoonhoven-19

Our reportage was a lot of fun and resulted in a whole wall art collection as well as a family photo album. And these are such important things for both the parents and the children.

I am honored and happy to help capture these portraits and priceless family moments. Thank you for this wonderful photo session!