Family photo shoot in Ridderkerk

One of my biggest pleasures as a family photographer is to see my clients back, observe the children grow and meet the new family members. I was excited to hear from Eva and Gerben, a lovely family from Rotterdam, that they were expecting a second baby and then to plan a photo session with their two little boys!


We held our photo session in a park in Ridderkerk, just a couple of minutes walk from the family’s new house. The boy’s grandfather joined us for the photo session again. We had a little walk together having fun and enjoying a lovely day.

Baby Sammie was about 6 months old at the time: the same age as Noah during our previous photo shoot. Noah had become a proud and caring elder brother. It was interesting to observe the resemblance and the difference between the two brothers at the same age. In the meanwhile Noah had grown to look a lot like his handsome daddy. When I photographed the two of them together I could see how much the son resembles the father. But it became even more obvious when I looked at the photos I made. The faces of the son and the father next to each other while playing having fun together had not only similar features but also mirroring expressions: a delight to look at! I also love the tender and joyful photos of the boys with their beautiful mother, the proud expression of the grandfather holding the boys.

This family is so full of love! It was a joy to capture their moments together, all these precious emotions and interactions.

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Thank you for this wonderful day, guys!