Bethany’s Big Day: The First Communion Reportage in Apeldoorn

Today I want to share some photos from a lovely reportage in Apeldoorn.

I first met Bethany when she was four years old, and now she had a big day: her first communion.


We started the reportage with Bethany getting ready for the ceremony at home: the moments most girls of any age enjoy so much. Bethany is such a pretty and radiant little lady: it won’t surprise you she looked like a princess in her amazing dress.

The family looked extremely stylish. Just look at Bethany’s younger sister Mienie: on that day she had a bandage on her foot but remained graceful and utterly glamorous. Little brother Wim was a real dandy. Even Simba the dog was wearing an elegant tie!

communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-4 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-5 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-6 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-7 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-8 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-3 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-2 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-9 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-10communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-11 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-12 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-13 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-20 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-21

Before going to the church the big family and lots of friends greeted Bethany, and we had a lot of fun taking family pictures in the spacious garden. Such a wonderful family community!

One of the highlight moments at the garden: children in a small Ferrari with proud little Wim behind the steer.

communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-17 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-18

We also took a moment for some solo portraits and even made a short visit to the stalls. Bethany is a real jockey since young age, and it is both touching and impressive to see this little princess being so gentle, yet confident with horses.

communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-14 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-15 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-16

The first communion ceremony was held at the Maria church in Apeldoorn. It was a big day for several children on that Sunday, and the church was full with joyful enthusiast families. The ceremony was beautiful and not only solemn but also fun, with children and later also families singing together. After the service Bethany and the kids stepped into a white limousine, and it was time to party!

communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-28communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-19 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-22 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-23 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-24 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-25 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-26 communie-fotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-27

It was a truly special day, and I enjoyed photographing Bethany and her wonderful family!