About Winter

The winter is definitely gone now. It smells like spring, and the first snowdrops opened in my garden. Before saying hello to spring I want to say good-buy to winter. There was little snow in Holland this winter but I do have some fairy-tale winter pictures from last month. Made in the Ardennes (you know my love for this region). I always crave for some snow in the winter, and in the Ardennes there was plenty for my eyes to feast on. My Russian soul was happy!


winter-tale-fotografie-5winter-tale-fotografie-9 winter-tale-fotografie-4 winter-tale-fotografie-8 winter-tale-fotografie-7 winter-tale-fotografie-6 winter-tale-fotografie-10winter-tale-fotografie-3 winter-tale-fotografie-11 winter-tale-fotografie-12

So good-buy, winter, till next year!