Family photography in Soesterduinen

Aline was looking for a special birthday present for her husband. She thought a professional family photo session is a very personal, unique gift that means both fun time and a lasting memory in the form of wall art afterwards. I could not agree more and was happy to set up the details of the surprise photo session with Aline. The children, Tom and Erin were also involved in the plan. They shared their ideas with the mother and kept them secret from the father!


Aline was looking for photography that would suit her family’s style: something with more character than traditional family pictures. She had thought about more raw high-contrast black and white images, Anton Corbijn’s portraits of artists and musicians being one of her sources of inspiration. Aline came across my blog post of a group photo shoot in Bussum and liked the approach.

We decided to have our photo shoot in the wood and dunes of Soesterduinen where the family often goes out together. The weather was changeable with the moody grey clouds and the bright sunshine breaking through. Aline, Arjan, Tom and Erin all turned out great models to photograph!

Here are a few images from our photo session.
stoere-familiefotografie-olgarook-6 stoere-familiefotografie-olgarook-5 stoere-familiefotografie-olgarook-7 stoere-familiefotografie-olgarook-4 stoere-familiefotografie-olgarook-2 stoere-familiefotografie-olgarook-3

Thank you for the wonderful time, dear Aline, Arjan, Tom and Erin, you rock!

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