Memories of the Netherlands: Expat Family Reportage in Eindhoven

Today I want to feature a recent photo session in Eindhoven. It was a fun family photo reportage for a very special occasion.

Yixin worked in the Netherlands for several years: first at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, then at the VU University Amsterdam. Now Yixin and her husband Wei are moving to the US, where they accepted new university jobs in Washington, DC. Just before their trip to the US Yixin wanted to hold a photo session that would both commemorate the good time her family spent in the Netherlands and capture their little son Julian at this stage of his childhood.

Julian was born in the Netherlands and is now four years old. He is most cute, smart and enthusiast little boy. I was also extremely impressed with his multi-lingual skills and excellent English!


We held our reportage at Ton Smitspark in Eindhoven where the family used to walk with Julian close to their home. We walked through the park, and it was lots of fun together: dancing polka, blowing bubbles, playing at the lake and on a playground, eating strawberries and just enjoying the summer day.

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The result is a lively charming reportage with a print collection and a large story-telling photo album (that was ready just on time before leaving to the US). I can imagine how these memories of the Netherlands and of Julian’s early years will become more a more precious with the time. The photos capturing that warm summer day full of love and happy moments together will keep bringing them back.

Thank you dear Julian, Yixin and Wei! Wishing you all the best in Washington.

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