“A Day in the Life” Photo Sessions

There is a new type of a photo session that I’m offering and would love to announce: A Day in the Life reportage.

Idyllic old-fashioned portrait of three sisters in the garden: two little girls and a baby.

The underlying idea is story-telling, documenting the typical and therefore precious moments of a family, kids or a couple. It is about their lifestyle, their connection and interaction in their preferred environment on a relaxed or active day together. Such extended photo session would typically last some 4 hours. During that time life goes on its natural way. There is no posing and the photographer can be unobtrusive, capturing special moments and expressions in a semi-candid, often journalistic, style.

This type of a photo session is interesting when you:

  • want the photos to embrace the chaos of life happening;
  • love candid photography;
  • would like a combination of solo character photos and natural photos together;
  • want a photo album that tells a story;
  • have small children and want them to be in their own element moving around;
  • want to combine indoor and outdoor activities;
  • want to go on adventure to a couple of locations;
  • want an extra relaxed photo shoot with no need to arrange anything or go anywhere.

Here is a couple of story-telling photo reportages:

Is it something for you? Then give me a call to chat about it. I would be happy to tell your story in lasting images!

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