Creative distortion: The large eyes

My story about a family photo reportage in Wassenaar wouldn’t be complete without one funny episode.

Some of my favorite photos from this session I made when we have already finished our photo session, on the way back. I was still making candid photos of little Floris from a distance, when Charlotte came to me and peeped directly into my long lens making funny faces. I quickly switched to the wide-angle lens and said to Charlotte: “Can you do it again for me?” She did laughingly, and suddenly all of the children stood in a row, jumping enthusiastically and wanted to do the same. Wide-angle lens creates a specific distortion of the proportions of nearby objects, and I could use it for a creative effect here. Just look at Olivia’s large shiny eyes – isn’t she a perfect symbol of joyful and carefree childhood?

Color portrait of a little blue-eyed girl laughing

And when I directed my wide lens from close and above at Diederick – who already has amazingly large eyes – then it just becomes unreal!

Creative children photography: a black and white portrait of a little boy with large eyes

Black and white portrait of a boy with big eyes.

For the contrast, let me show here another “moody” shot of Diederick (the dramatic expression has to do with a minor discussion he just had with his brother). This photo was made from a distance with a telelens – you can compare the effects.

Moody portrait of an angry-looking little boy in a wood

I can never have enough fun with my little clients!

Close-up portrait of a little girl Portrait of a little girl Portrait of a laughing boy Portrait of a little boy

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