Special Birthday Present for the Father: Rotterdam Brother and Sister Reportage

Meta wanted to make a unique birthday present for her husband and thought that portraits of their beautiful children Linda and Bram would be a most special gift. She wanted the portraits to be natural and to express the children’s personality. Of course, I was in for this surprise project!


We held the photo session in a park at Schiebroek in Rotterdam. Bram and Linda often play in this park, and we enjoyed our photo walk there on a lovely spring day. Beautiful and athletic Linda explored her super-model potential, and for Bram the photo session was an occasion to express his artistic talents. It was a lot of fun!

Classic outdoor portrait: photo of a cheerful blond little boy.

Dreamy and tender portrait of a little girl standing among the branches of a willow.

Portrait of a boy in a green park

Portrait of a litre girl leaning against a tree

Portrait of a handsome little boy standing next to trees

Portrait of a little brother and sister leaning against a tree in a park. Both children have a tough expression on their faces

Romantic outdoor portrait of a handsome little boy

A close-up portrait of a sweet and handsome little boy

Portrait of a school girl with a skateboard

Natural and classic outdoor portrait of a girl in a park

photo of a little boy in a park

black and white photo of a little sister and brother playing together in a park

photo of two children walking in a park

photo of two kids on a path in a park looking back with a tough expression on their faces

photo of two children playing ball in a park among the spring flowers

Classic portrait of a schoolgirl: she is pretty, has intelligent eyes and a vulnerable expression

classic portrait of a blond little boy

Portrait of a little boy in a wood

Dreamy and painterly portrait of little girl in a forest - the light and the girl's expression add a touch of magic to the photo

All of us had to keep the photo shoot a secret for several weeks – huge respect to Bram and Linda that they managed to do so! Today Leo will receive beautiful wall portraits for his birthday. Congratulations with your birthday and your wonderful family, Leo!

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