Pure Happiness: A Family Reportage in Zeeland

Today I want to share with you some images from a photo session at the sea.

Marloes and Jerry live in Rotterdam with their two children, Chloé and Lucas, and are expecting a third child soon.

A photo session was a gift from Marloes’ mother Anneke: she knew it was the right gift and the perfect time for a special photo reportage for her daughter and her family.

Marloes, Jerry and the kids are active and athletic and all wanted a natural outdoor setting for their reportage. There are many great outdoor locations for a photo session, but their choice was easy as they had a special location in mind: not only beautiful and inspiring but also meaningful for their family. It was an amazing beach at Valkenisse on Walcheren in the sunny province of Zeeland.

This is a place where Marloes spent a lot of time as a child at her parents’ beach house – and so do her own children now. A most picturesque place, where you can breathe the sea and let the feeling of happiness and freedom fill you. And we were blessed with the weather too!

photo of two little children walking on a beach in the early morning

When you look at the photos it seems that the family almost had the beach “for themselves”. The secret of owning the beach was to get up early!

Photos of a family

Photos of a family climbing the stairs in the dunes

Photos of a family in the dunes

Photo of a beautiful pregnant woman at the beach

photos of a beach in Zeeland in the morning

photos of a family with little children arriving at the beach

photos of a little boy running on a beach with an ice-cream in his hand

Photo of a mother waling on a beach with her little son

Photos of a family eating ice-cream at the beach

Photo of a couple at a beach cabin

Photo of a little boy and a little girl alone on a beach

photos of little children playing on a beach

Photos of a family walking on a beach

Photos of a funny little boy playing on a beach

Photo of a man drawing a heart in the sand

Photo of a mother and her little daughter walking along the row of poles at a beach. Lots of sandy space creates a mysterious atmosphere recalling the paintings by Salvador Dali.

Photo of a little girl walking on a beach with her mother

Photos of a little girl on a beach

Photos of a family at the beach

Photos of a family at the seaside

Photos of a family with small children at the beach

There is still so much more to share from this reportage. To be continued – stay tuned!

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