A Spring Photo Session in a Park in Photography

Reinoud and Nicolette are married for ten years now, and Reinoud wanted to give his wife a very special present – photo reportage of their three beautiful children: Valerie, Sebas and Rosalie. Nicolette likes natural and classic black and white reportages. She wanted the children to play around freely and just be themselves.

Black and white portrait of a blond girl.

We chose the park at the Euromast. It is not just a beautiful  place but also awoke special memories for the family: ten years ago Reinoud and Nicolette had their wedding party at the elegant Heerenhuys here! And now the children could run and play hockey in the green lawns in front of it. On a spring sunny day like that the park was a delight to visit, and the children had a lot of fun. Let me share some portraits with you: romantic Valerie, Sebas with his supercute smile, and energetic Rosalie who never stopped running!

Portrait of a laughing boy with a cute smile

Portrait of small girl smiling

Photos of a boy with a friendly laugh

Portraits of a little girl in the park

Portrait of a boy with a cute friendly smile

Dreamy portrait of a blond girl

portrait of a little girl running through a field

Dreamy and sensitive black and white portrait of a little girl

photo of two little girls playing in a park

photo of a boy and his mother, laughing

Photo of a blond girl in ethereal spring light

photos of children playing in the Euromast park

photo of three children together

photo of three children playing in a park

Photos of a little girl playing in the park. You can see she is in a dreamy mood.

What a beautiful family! Thank you for the wonderful day!

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  1. Anastasia Gaasenbeek 1 May 2014 at 20:35 #

    Nice pictures, real emotions, well done!

    • Olga Rook 7 May 2014 at 22:12 #

      Thank you, Anastasia!