Three Ways to Decorate your Walls

Having loads of photos on our computers is everyday reality. But beautiful professional portraits and artistic images deserve not just virtual, but also physical life. They belong to shine on your walls and in unique albums.

Are you happy with your wall design, or is there something to improve or update?

Why leave your walls blank or fill them with IKEA mass production pictures? Personalized wall art can add style and a design twist to your interior. Not to mention positive emotion and inspiration filling your home!

There are various ways of presenting photographs (but also paintings, objects, etc.) on the wall. You can use a symmetric or an asymmetric design or choose an eclectic approach.

Example of symmetric photo presentation

Symmetric wall art presentation is pleasing for the eye. It can be simple or sophisticated, but is more “intentional” and gives you an orderly feeling. This is great not only for those who prefer clean classic lines and love order by nature. It can also be a manner of bringing more order and balance into a chaotic environment!

Symmetric wall compositions are easier to create than the asymmetric ones. You can arrange the photos around an eye-catching architectural feature or a big piece of furniture: in a bay window, above the fireplace, bed or sofa. You can also create a focal point in a room by the wall art itself. Find a center for your composition and draw invisible lines or a grid to define the balance.

Framed photos on a wall in a simple symmetric combination

One can go for a few large pieces, a series of smaller ones or a combination of both. Work with a theme or with common stylistic qualities. The frames are typically of consistent type and size.

Asymmetric wall compositions achieve balance differently and are more complex to create. They can be organized organically around some interior element or establish a dynamic center of attention themselves. More heavy presentation on the left side is used often. It corresponds to the Western way of reading from left to right. And odd numbers can add interest to a composition.

Asymmetric wall art presentation Asymmetric wall art composition

Eclectic wall galleries also known as salon style galleries are a way to present various themes, sizes, shapes and objects next to each other. Think arty and vintage chique versus classic chique. This presentation can be more random or symmetrical (for example, through the use of grid lines) but still feels more instinctual, casual and open to change. It is often chosen by those who have a lot of artwork to expose.

Salon style gallery: various themes, sizes and frames next to each other Example of a wall decoration with portraits and fine art in a salon style gallery

The great thing is that one does not exclude the other. For example, symmetric approach may work best for your bedroom while a salon style gallery can be something for your study or living room. Wall design can really be fun and a creative outlet for you once you start with it!

So, what are your favorite wall gallery ideas?

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