Country moments: Family Photography

What comes to your mind when you see this image?

Photo of a father holding his young son in his arms. They both ware hats and are standing in front of a field. The boy is holding a wheat ear in his hand. This image awakens an idea of rural life and family traditions.

I think of American country life, wide fields, family traditions… This is, indeed, an image from a photo reportage with an American family, but it is made in South Limburg. It is very close to Belgium, and the landscape is very different from Holland!

Amy and her husband JJ currently live in the Netherlands. They have two sons: the redhead Austin is now four, and Evan is three years old.

Amy was expecting her third son and had realized she had never had a pregnancy photo session before. While it would be so great to have beautiful images of herself and her family from this special time in life. So she made up her mind and was just in time before the baby would come. Amy even talked to the baby in her belly: please wait until we had the photo shoot!

Amy wanted the photo session to be casual and fun. We started with some portraits of Amy in the yard. Just look at this Texas girl, this is so country-style!

Portrait of a pregnant woman wearing a straw hood.

Two little boys are looking at their pregnant mother's belly wit awe.

Pregnancy photo of a woman standing against a brick wall in her yard.

Then the family went for a walk. Corn, sugar beet and wheat fields started just around the corner! All of a sudden, we were in the middle of a “country” landscape, and it was becoming a country lifestyle session!

Family photo: pregnant mother, father and two little boys in a wheat field.

Little red-haired boy is standing in front of a road leading to hills and fields.

Impish red-haired boy looks out from a corn field.

Photo of two little boys playing in a field.

JJ grew up in Nebraska and knew all about wheat. The boys just loved the “corn cupcakes” of wheat corns he gave them.

Photo of a father showing his sons a wheat ear.

Photo of a father holding his two little sons in his arms.

Look at Austin: just four, and so hard-boiled already!

Portrait of a small redhead boy wearing a hat and sun glasses,

Portrait of a little boy with red hair. He is wearing a hat and has a wheat ear in his mouth.

Photo of a mother with her little son in a field.

Here are Amy and JJ: the last days of waiting…

Photo of a pregnant woman and her husband in the window of their hous.

Thank you for this wonderful photo session, dear Amy, JJ, Austin and Evan! Welcome to the world, little Isaac!

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