Valentina and Alessia: Utrecht Children Photography

Today I want to share some images from a recent photo session with two lovely little sisters.

Valentina is almost five years old, and Alessia is only two. The girls’ parents wanted to capture them at this gentle age and I was more than happy to do this!

Color photo of two little girls sitting in the grass with a book on a sunny day. There is a duck walking next to them. The photo conveys the atmosphere of joy and serenity.

We had chosen to have our photo session at the Wilhelminapark in Utrecht, just a few minutes walk from the girls’ home. We had a pleasant walk through the park with its green lawns, ponds and picturesque trees: a perfect thing to do on a warm and sunny morning! The girls played around, and even had a small picnic.

Here are a few photos from our photo shoot.

Black and white photos of two little sisters lying on a picnic cloth in a park. They embrace and have funny expressions on their faces. The atmosphere of the photos makes one think of the fifties.

Color photo of two little sisters giving each other a kiss.

Look at these photo’s where Valentina and small Alessia are sitting in the grass among the daisies examining a book. Isn’t it idyllic? I should mention that this book is not some children’s story but a grownup art book! Valentina, who enjoys painting and drawing, insisted on taking this book with her to the park.

Photographs of a little girl sitting in the grass with a book. The photos convey the atmosphere of pleasure and fun on a sunny day and also a nostalgic feeling.

Color portrait of two little girls sitting in the field on a bright sunny day.

Classic black and white photo of two little girls sitting on the river bank with a book. They look how a white duck passes them by.

Color photo of a little girl picking a daisy.

Dreamy portrait of a little girl in a park looking at a daisy she had just plucked.

Black and white portrait of a two-year old girl laughing.

Black and white portrait of a two-year old girl with a soft dreamy smile.

Black and white closeup photo of a little girl.

It was a great pleasure to photograph this wonderful family. Thank you for this photo walk, dear Anna-Maria, Jan, Valentina and Alessia!

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