Portraits are forever

Professional portraits: A Girl’s best friends

Yes, I am talking about professional portraits. Much like diamonds, they are forever and are girl’s best friends when it comes to self-confidence and other wonderful feelings they can give you (and not just you).

I believe that every woman should have special, beautiful and highly personal portraits of herself taken. Whether you know you are stunning, or you not so sure about that, there are serious reasons to do this. Let me sketch the three main scenarios for you: I think they would fit different images that ladies have of themselves.

  1. You are pretty – or even beautiful. It is a fact that nobody can deny and you know it.
  2. You know you can look gorgeous but this takes some effort. In daily life you have no time or no desire to work on your stunning looks.
  3. You think that great looks is probably not the strongest side of your personality.

stylish portrait of a young lady

Scenario 1.

If you are confident of your charms, then you have probably already realized that you should not limit yourself to holiday and party photos alone. Think of the paparazzi images of the celebrities. Don’t they look way better during a dedicated photo session with the right light, setting and moment? Of course they do! The difference between your portraits taken professionally as compared to snapshots will be no less drastic.

Scenario 2.

You normally wait for a special occasion to present yourself in a stunning way. But what and when are these occasions? Whether you organize a party yourself of go out with friends – it is not about you personally. Events are by their very nature about a group of people. Once in a while you would require a special moment, a different kind of holiday just for yourself – a personal, dedicated photo session that’s all about bringing out your special powers of beauty and charm. I will help you to feature your inner diva, a star living inside of you!

Scenario 3.

You are probably too critical of yourself. If you do not look like a Barbie doll or like a copy of Angelina Jolie, this does not mean you are not beautiful in your own way. Beauty does come from inside. Be yourself and enjoy it – and you will look great. A portrait session with a professional photographer who gives you enough time and pays you real attention will help you find the beauty that remains unnoticed in mere snapshots or in a standard studio setting.


I do believe it and prove it all the time!

If you choose for custom photography, you can have your beauty captured in a natural way, so that you can be yourself. Portraits with a fashion twist or even a Hollywood touch are not an everyday sort of photography – yet, you can still look natural on them. The setting of the photo session and you being yourself make all the difference!

It is essential to have artistic portraits of yourself. They can help you discover more about yourself and are so important for those who love you!

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