Child photography: from Emilia’s Spring Party, Belgium

Emilia’s Spring Ceremony partywas a wonderful evening together with family and friends.

Everyone had fun enjoying pleasant society, good music and exquisite Italian cuisine. Emilia’s parents Ann and Jo make real art of cooking! Then Emilia’s father and grandfather lighted their famous 70-year old pizza oven in the garden and baked more than 20 very special pizza’s for everyone. For dessert two gigantic cakes were served and it is extremely difficult to say which of the two was more delicious. And, of course, everybody – old and young – danced the whole evening. What a wonderful party! And so many happy children!

Photograph of four children sitting in the high grass. Two little girls: a blond and a brunette one embrace each other.

Portrait of a handsome boy, fashion-style.

Photo of boys playing and laughting together.

Photo of two blond laughing boys: the brothers are of different age but dressed the same way.

Photo of a little girl jumping and laughing.

Portrait of a little boy jumping from and having fun: he could embody the idea of joy.

Portrait of a handsome and friendly blond boy with blue eyes.

Portrait of a little girl with long dark hair. She charming and confident and is standing in a field, smiling.

Photo of a group of children playing in a grass field.

Photograph of children having fun at a party.

Portrait of two little girls on a party. The elder girl holds the yonger one in her hands.

Outdoor children group portrait at a party.

Colorful portrait of a laughing blond boy.

Portrait of a smiling boy.

Portrait of a friendly smiling boy with darkblond hair.

Photograph of two little boys: a conspiracy moment how to take their freinds by surprize.

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