Children Photography on location: the Princess and the Twins

Portraits of three young Personalities

In my previous post I was talking about a recent portrait session in Belgium. Little princess Emilia was in the spotlight that day, and we made a beautiful reportage. Emilia also has a younger brother and sister, Luisa and Matteo, and they also deserve special attention. They are twins, and very different ones! Of course, I could not resist taking some images of them too.

Classic black and white portrait of a small girl embracing her teddybear.

Color portrait of a little girl embracing her Teddy bear

Photo portrait of a little girl in a beautiful gentle light. She looks serene and smart at the same time.

Portrait of a little girl with a teddybear.

Black and white closeup portrait of a small girl with a dreamy look.

Portrait of a little girl, peeking from behind a sofa.

Luisa watched me photograph her sister and started to pose too. And how! I could hardly believe my eyes. Such deliberate, yet natural and graceful posing is amazing for a three-year old. It is certainly a sign of a strong personality and an inborn feeling of beauty. (I guess this feeling of beauty also explains Luisa’s obsession with nail polish in pretty tints.)

I was virtually torn between two lovely ladies with artistic talents!

Matteo is a very postitive little man, always laughing. I love this nonchalance, although it was quite difficult to photograph: Matteo was constantly racing around the house in a most fabulous vintage toy pedal car that once belonged to Emilia. He drives so skillfully that I would almost give him a driving license! Outdoors he likes to drive a heavy tractor, wow!

Portrait of a little blond boy smiling and laughing in an impish nonchalant way.

Photo portrait of a little boy in an antique armchair.

An outdoor portrait of a small boy driving a toy tractor.

Three children, three entirely different characters! I had a huge fun photographing them. Thank you, dear Emilia, Luisa and Matteo!

Natural light portrait of two little girls in a living room.

Photo with a group portrait of three children: two girls and a boy sitting next to each other on a sofa in their living room.

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