Children Photography and Magic

A Fairytale can be close to us

As a child I loved fairytales and found it a great pity I could not visit the fantasy world with its mysteries, wonders and adventures. I used to paint it and to write stories about magic worlds, time traveling and different planets.

fineart children portraiture: a nostalgic image of a little girl in a window

Later on, when I was around fifteen or sixteen, I have suddenly realized that if I wanted to join the world of wonders, it was all in my power. That it is simply a matter of perspective! Life is one big miracle and there are so many things in daily life that are amazing. We usually don’t think of it because we are busy.

There are also moments and scenes around us that can awaken a feeling of a fairytale. Sometimes these moments are evident, but often they are subtle. There is magic about people and about places and I try to capture it in my photography. It is as if you can see some parallel world: it is somewhere here, yet it is hidden and you need a key to enter it. The key is your imagination!

fineart child photography: a little girl in the wood among the tall trees

You can see some examples of my magical and dreamy style portraits on my portrait gallery pages, especially, with children photography.