Beauty and Women: Your photographer’s perspective

Simple wisdom as the best kept secret of being beautiful

In my previous blog post about portrait photography in connection to women’s identity and being beautiful I have expressed my view on what I think makes a woman irresistible. I was talking about personality, self-confidence, valuing yourself and being yourself.

Shortly after I have written this, I came across this beautiful quote from Sophia Loren. Her formulation was remarkably close to what I had just said myself. I loved Sophia’s words and decided to put them on a digital card to share – to inspire the others. But I was still curious and went on digging for more interesting quotes on the matter. And I was excited to discover that some women known as icons of style and beauty appeared to hold the same view: that it is important how you feel from inside, that you should be true to yourself, happy to be yourself – that is the magic behind beauty.

These famous ladies definitely knew what they are talking about, so it is worthy to listen to them! Here are these bits of wisdom that inspired me and, hopefully, can inspire you as well.

We often think in a very concrete and practical way and leave the “big truths” – these major factors of our life equations – outside the scope of our attention. Sometimes it is useful to reset our minds and to see what is essential.

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As a professional photographer, I aim to capture your beautiful inner and outer self in authentic images. Whether you want to celebrate being yourself or to discover it yet – I would be happy to help.

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