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Friendship photo session in Antwerp

Having a photo session together is a wonderful way to celebrate those special bands within a family or a couple, between siblings or friends.

Today I want to feature a friendship photo session with two beautiful ladies in Antwerp. You can call their friendship life-long, as the girls became best friends already at the nursery school! Decennia later when the ladies live relatively far from each other (one in Belgium and the other in the Netherlands) this friendship is as warm as ever.



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Jeannette’s winter photoshoot in Maastricht: part 2

Today I want to share more photos from Jeannette’s photo session in Maastricht.



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Jeannette: Winter photoshoot in Maastricht

Jeannette wanted to give herself a special birthday present: an artistic photo session. Being an adventurous spirit inspired by nature, Jeannette thought of an outdoor location. She grew up and lives in Maastricht and enjoys the beautiful nature of South Limburg. That made our choice of location easy: Pietersplas, a nature resort on the Maas next to the Maastricht Marina.



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“A Day in the Life” Photo Sessions

There is a new type of a photo session that I’m offering and would love to announce: A Day in the Life reportage.

Idyllic old-fashioned portrait of three sisters in the garden: two little girls and a baby.

The underlying idea is story-telling, documenting the typical and therefore precious moments of a family, kids or a couple. It is about their lifestyle, their connection and interaction in their preferred environment on a relaxed or active day together. Such extended photo session would typically last some 4 hours. During that time life goes on its natural way. There is no posing and the photographer can be unobtrusive, capturing special moments and expressions in a semi-candid, often journalistic, style.


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Wall Art: Presenting the Photos

Portraits and artworks on the walls make a great difference when it comes to the atmosphere and psychological comfort you feel in a room. A room with naked walls would lack personal touch even when filled with design furniture. And a single image (of course, I am not talking about mass production here) can turn a boring home into a stylish one.

Some time ago we have talked about decorating your walls with photography. There are several ways of arranging photos (and other wall art) in a pleasing and coordinated way. It’s about balance and composition: depending on your taste and the room’s interior you may choose symmetric, asymmetric or eclectic approach.

When you plan to put a photo or a grouping of photos on a wall a question often arises: what kind of material and framing to use? Shall you have the photographs printed, matted and framed or do you prefer unframed photos mounted on canvas, aluminium (dibond) or plexiglas (acrylic)? There are several factors to consider here when you make this choice.

An example of photo presentation on a wall.


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Photo Sessions to Consider

Have you thought of a photo session this year but still not sure what kind of session exactly? I’ve got a couple of ideas for you!

Individual portraits

A personal portrait session is always a perfect choice. If you are looking for portraits that are more artistic, show one’s personality and reveal one’s inner beauty, consider individual photo sessions. The photographer then can give undivided attention to one person at a time – to you or each of your children. With little children their individual portraits can be the main focus of a family reportage, while photos of brothers and sisters or parents and children together could be a natural part of such a photo shoot.

Children and family location photography in Gent region: portrait of a little girl

Examples? Take a look at the retro-inspired photo session with little Collin, a “jazzy” photo shoot with artistic Asia and Keanu or a at the little sisters Anna and Lara.

A Day in the Life

An extended “lifestyle” photo reportage works both for a single person and a family or a couple together. It can be a record of a typical weekend or some special activity.

You can combine various indoor and outdoor activities, visit several locations and change outfits. Think about a family walking in a park and then baking a cake and reading a book at home. Such reportages could capture moments of real emotion and communication and yield plenty of beautiful and funny semi-candid portraits.


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How to Prepare for a Photo Session

You have found the right photographer and booked a photo session.

Some photographers may offer you a consultation prior to the photo session. This could be very helpful – you’d learn more about how your photo session will look like, what to expect and to pay attention to. Think about organizational moments, styling and accessories, hair and makeup, and more.

Here are some tips and points of attention.

voorbereiding voor een fotosessie is belangrijk!


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