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Saeed en Saeedeh: A Romantic and Cozy Photoshoot in Rotterdam

Here comes the second part of the beautiful loveshoot photo story with Saeed and Saeedeh in Rotterdam.


We started our photo session in the park and had both sunshine and rain. When the rain got strong and we decided it was time for a cup of coffee. We went to a café, and I could not avoid making some photos in this nostalgic and cinematic atmosphere. The strong contrast between light and shadow also made me think of Edward Hopper paintings.


Saeed and Saeedeh: A Romantic Photoshoot in Rotterdam

Today I want to share a wonderful love story photo session in Rotterdam.

Saeed and Saeedeh originally come from Iran. They met each other as students, and academic career brought them to several countries. For the past years, they live and work in the Netherlands. It’s been ten years since their marriage, and it was certainly time for a special photoshoot together.



A Group Portrait with Character: Bussum Family Photography

Sandra and her brother Frank wanted to make a special gift for their father’s anniversary: a wall portrait of Sandra with her husband Chris and Frank with his wife Fabienne. The two couples together but not in a traditional group photo with “say cheese” smiles. It had to be an unconventional group portrait with character. Great attitude, I thought at once.

Black and white group portrait of two couples together


A Romantic Photo Session in Rotterdam Delfshaven

Irina wanted to make a special birthday present for her husband Johan – a romantic photo session of them together. Our location was Delfshaven in Rotterdam – a beautiful historic neighborhood with a canal full of picturesque boats.

Beloved photo shoot couple Rotterdam


Idyllic Countyside and Romantic Town: A Love Shoot in Kinderdijk and Kralingen

In the previous post I have shown you some photos from a the “trash the dress” session by Yi and Dong in Lisse and the Keukenhof castle park. But that wasn’t all!

Classic and nostalgic portrait of a couple at the windmills of Kinderdijk in Holland.

Our next stop was Kinderdijk. By the time we got there it was already very busy. Yi and Dong were immediately in the center of attention. They received lots of congratulations, and Yi’s beauty was praised in many languages as she walked pass the windmills. When you look at the idyllic and romantic mood in these photos you might think Yi and Dong had the whole place for themselves that day. In a way they did: this magic happens when you’re in love!


A Dutch Fairy Tale: Tulip Fields and Magic Park

Yi and Dong come from China but met each other and got married in Rotterdam. Their wedding took place in January and they decided to hold a separate romantic “trash the dress” photo session in the spring.

Portrait of a romantic couple in a flower field


Amsterdam Family Photography: Timeless Black and White

My previous story about a photo session with Juul, Babs and Truus in Amsterdam was a colorful reportage: fresh, fun, romantic. But [have you noticed that] there were no black and white photos in it? Why not if I usually like them so much? Well, [not without a reason.] I just thought that black and white images from this reportage would make a special series.

Amsterdam is great both in color [with its atmosphere of the moment] and in timeless black and white. So here are our Amsterdam moments in black and white: classic or vintage-like, stylish and nostalgic.

I love this photo of Juul and Babs: an unexpected moment when different realities cross. Doesn’t it seem as though the guys on the truck are looking at the gorgeous blonde from the future right in front of them?

Photo of a couple against a bakery truck. The picture on the truck presents a street scene from the early 20th century. There is a blond girl in front of the truck, en three working class guys depicted on the truck seem to be staring at her.

And here is more: Juul, Babs and Truus with canals, bridges and bicycles, and that unique Amsterdam flavor.