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Venice, part 2

You might remember I wanted to share more photos from my Venetian holiday. Venice is so full of inspiration for me I just could not fit my favorite impressions of it into a single post! Here come more images, a mix of tourist attractions, shabby corners, glamourous shop windows, old and modern art.

When I seek another word for ‘music’, I never find any other word than ‘Venice’.

Friedrich Nietzsche



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Winter Moments

As a native Russian I miss one thing in the Netherlands: snow in the winter. Each time it snows here it feels like a gift (I don’t’ talk about traffic collapses now). I am brought back into my childhood with all its joy. Except, at the time my toys did not include a camera. You got it right: here come some photos!



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I promised to share more travel photography on my blog and had announced a photo story of my trip to Venice.

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.”

Truman Capote


Venice is undoubtedly one of my favorite destinations. It is full of history, poetry and music. It’s vibrant and melancholic, magnificent and shabby, loud and still. True mystique, romance, art and kitsch are all mixed in this city. Each hour and kind of light evokes its own magic here. It even feels as if different times and worlds coexist in this misty air.


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Mystical Mist

I mainly use this blog to feature portrait and family sessions, but believe I should be sharing my travel photos more often.

When I am back from holidays it usually gets busy right away. It takes me a while to look through the photos I made on vacation, and then it’s already a time ago… Fine, I’ll try to work on it right now.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Italy and also visited Venice. I am crazy about this city and will make a special issue with the views of Venice itself and also of some historic Venetian villas outside the city.



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New Photo Series: Pastel

Today I wanted to share something different: a few images from my experimental series. The preliminary title is “Pastel”. When I used to paint and draw pastel was one of my favorite mediums because of its softness.

During my last holidays in France I started a new series inspired by pastel. These photos are created using long shutter speed. It was not meant to show the existing movement. Actually, the idea was quite the opposite this time: adding movement to still objects and scenes. I moved my camera, let it kind of dance, to achieve this vagueness and softness of lines, faded shapes and mixing colors.


The night alley with dark blue sky (“Chorus”) had lately received an Honorable mention at the International Color Awards, and the Chinese vase was published in my online Vogue portfolio a few days ago. Hear are some more photos.


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About Winter

The winter is definitely gone now. It smells like spring, and the first snowdrops opened in my garden. Before saying hello to spring I want to say good-buy to winter. There was little snow in Holland this winter but I do have some fairy-tale winter pictures from last month. Made in the Ardennes (you know my love for this region). I always crave for some snow in the winter, and in the Ardennes there was plenty for my eyes to feast on. My Russian soul was happy!



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Happy New Year 2017!


Dear friends and followers,

As the new year is approaching, I want to send my love to all of you.

Last year I had a joy and a privilege of photographing wonderful people and families and create special memories and personal photo art for them. Sharing my knowledge via personal photography workshops and mentoring is also something I enjoyed at lot. I love meeting new people, learning from them and making new friends. And I am very happy to see my clients coming back regularly. I sincerely subscribe to the fact that my clients are simply the best – most pleasant, warm, fun and stylish people!

I had an honor of winning the silver price at the MIFA (Moscow Photo Awards, Fine Art category), getting an honorable mention at the IPA (International Photo Awards), and three nominations at the Black and White Spider Awards. MIFA’s winners work is exhibited throughout the year at various locations, alone and together with IPA winners works. My other works traveled to the Berlin Photo Biennale and the Parallax Art Fair in London. In Berlin and London I met some great artists, made new friends and got a lot of inspiration.

I am thrilled with a recent online “Portals” feature at the Dodho magazine. It is also great seeing my work in the Berlin Foto Biennale catalogue by Kehrer Verlag publishers. The images from the Hariban awards 2015 were published this year in a very special catalogue: a limited edition of 80 hand-printed on Japanese Gampi & Mitsumata rice paper with traditional Japanese bookbinding. Such a book is a small artwork in itself. Finally, it was fun to see four or my photos on the book covers: a mystery novel and a love one, a thriller and a poetry bundle.

I am full of new ideas and look forward to the new year and new challenges! Thank you so much for your support and inspiration!

Wishing you and your family a healthy, joyful and prosperous year 2017!


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