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100 photos on VOGUE Italy and Timeless Analogue Photography

This week I have a nice round number of photos in my Vogue Italy portfolio: exactly one hundred. The latest photos you can see there were shot on film in the Loet forest, and today I want to share them as a series.

Apple tree with a single red apple on it

In the past months I had this new addiction, and you could often see me shooting analogue with my nice new (old) Rolleiflex. I often walk in the Loet forest in Krimpenerwaard, not too far from Rotterdam. This nature reserve was created in the fifties when some polders where “given back to nature”. It has become a beautiful quiet area with varied flora and fauna. You can walk or cycle through a number of picturesque paths enjoying whatever season it is and observing the nature.


Venice on Color Film

In the past months it had been not only portrait and family photo sessions that kept me nicely busy. I have visited some really inspiring places and believe I want to share my travel photography more often from now on. There are some new art projects I will also share later. Another thing that kept me from blogging and social media lately is analogue photography. After a long brake I began shooting with my old Russian Zenith-E camera and its manual lens (that provides interesting results on a digital camera too).



Venice, part 2

You might remember I wanted to share more photos from my Venetian holiday. Venice is so full of inspiration for me I just could not fit my favorite impressions of it into a single post! Here come more images, a mix of tourist attractions, shabby corners, glamourous shop windows, old and modern art.

When I seek another word for ‘music’, I never find any other word than ‘Venice’.

Friedrich Nietzsche



Winter Moments

As a native Russian I miss one thing in the Netherlands: snow in the winter. Each time it snows here it feels like a gift (I don’t’ talk about traffic collapses now). I am brought back into my childhood with all its joy. Except, at the time my toys did not include a camera. You got it right: here come some photos!




I promised to share more travel photography on my blog and had announced a photo story of my trip to Venice.

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.”

Truman Capote


Venice is undoubtedly one of my favorite destinations. It is full of history, poetry and music. It’s vibrant and melancholic, magnificent and shabby, loud and still. True mystique, romance, art and kitsch are all mixed in this city. Each hour and kind of light evokes its own magic here. It even feels as if different times and worlds coexist in this misty air.