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Family party in Nijmegen

In my previous post I have shared a beautiful Christening ceremony of little Nicky Jr. in Nijmegen. As promised, I will now share with you a few photos from the family party afterwards. After the baptism service, the family and friends gathered at a party center in Wijchen to celebrate this special day. And what a dazzling party it was! Happy and stylish grownups enjoyed dancing and had a lot of fun. And the children had such great time playing, dancing, painting, getting their faces painted, eating cotton candy, and more.

family celebration at a party centet


Baptism photography in Nijmegen

I love photographing baptisms and was happy to travel to Nijmegen to record this special day for the little Nicky Jr. The christening took place at the St. Anthony Abbot church in Nijmegen, and there was a big gathering of family and friends to celebrate this wonderful moment together. It was a delight to see Nicky with his happy and proud father Nicky Sr. and gorgeous mother Diana. There is so much love in this family, and the eyes of the baby Nicky are full of trust to the world.

Baptism of a baby boy in Nijmegen at St. Antonius Abbot Church

Nicky’s godparents were my regular clients, as were some guests, and it was a pleasure for me to see so many familiar faces during the event. The ceremony was beautiful and there was this wonderful atmosphere, both warm and solemn.


Baptism Photography in Apeldoorn: Nicky’s Day

Christenings are such wonderful events to photograph and I was happy to hear from Mariesa who wanted me to document her little son’s baptism in the beautiful Our Lady church in Apeldoorn.

We started our event reportage in the morning photographing baby Nicky at home with all the family that gathered there on his special day. It was a pleasant summer day, and the garden behind the house was large enough for any group portraits. I love all the photos of the charming little guy Nicky with his parents, grandparents and godparents, and everybody else: they show the love in the family and the fun of being together.


Just look at the little Nicky with that happy smile! It was also very special to capture Nicky together with his elder brother Alain. Alain is very caring about his baby brother and likes to play with him. He was very excited about Nicky’s day. I really love their portraits together: so pure and timeless, capturing the boys as they are now and showing their character and their special band. I am also very happy with the portraits of Alain together with his daddy and gorgeous mother.


Bethany’s Big Day: The First Communion Reportage in Apeldoorn

Today I want to share some photos from a lovely reportage in Apeldoorn.

I first met Bethany when she was four years old, and now she had a big day: her first communion.


We started the reportage with Bethany getting ready for the ceremony at home: the moments most girls of any age enjoy so much. Bethany is such a pretty and radiant little lady: it won’t surprise you she looked like a princess in her amazing dress.


Family photo shoot in Ridderkerk

One of my biggest pleasures as a family photographer is to see my clients back, observe the children grow and meet the new family members. I was excited to hear from Eva and Gerben, a lovely family from Rotterdam, that they were expecting a second baby and then to plan a photo session with their two little boys!



Family photography in Soesterduinen

Aline was looking for a special birthday present for her husband. She thought a professional family photo session is a very personal, unique gift that means both fun time and a lasting memory in the form of wall art afterwards. I could not agree more and was happy to set up the details of the surprise photo session with Aline. The children, Tom and Erin were also involved in the plan. They shared their ideas with the mother and kept them secret from the father!



A Special Birthday Present: Reportage in Capelle aan den IJssel and Kop van Zuid

Astrid wanted to give her husband Niels a special present for his birthday. Something very personal, unique and lasting on behalf of herself and their son Fabian. What, then, could be more personal than several custom-made portraits? Astrid thought even bigger than this: Niels should receive not just a couple of prints, but a whole gift album with a fun photo story to surprise him! Of course, surprise also means it had to be kept secret…



Milly’s Christening: A Baptism Reportage from Apeldoorn

Today I want to share with you a story about the baptism ceremony of the little precious Milly.

Baptism of a baby is a special and emotional event for the parents. Milly’s lovely mother Sylvana wanted to share these beautiful moments with family and friends, but also to capture the day in a unique photo reportage, so that they – and Milly herself when she will get older – could relive and enjoy it again and again in the years to come. It was an honour and a pleasure for me to capture the ceremony and the feast.

The ceremony took place at the Our Lady church in Apeldoorn, a Neo-Gothic church not far from the family’s home. It was a big day with many family members and guests attending the celebration, and the atmosphere was wonderful and full of joy. The ceremony itself was a beautiful sequence of emotionally loaded moments. And what made it even more special: not only was it solemn but the family and the children were actively involved in the ceremony.

It is amazing how baby Milly seemed to feel the importance of the moment and took it quietly and seriously.



“A Day in the Life” Photo Sessions

There is a new type of a photo session that I’m offering and would love to announce: A Day in the Life reportage.

Idyllic old-fashioned portrait of three sisters in the garden: two little girls and a baby.

The underlying idea is story-telling, documenting the typical and therefore precious moments of a family, kids or a couple. It is about their lifestyle, their connection and interaction in their preferred environment on a relaxed or active day together. Such extended photo session would typically last some 4 hours. During that time life goes on its natural way. There is no posing and the photographer can be unobtrusive, capturing special moments and expressions in a semi-candid, often journalistic, style.


Happy Father’s Day!

Dear fathers, it’s your day, enjoy being a hero!

Emotional artistic portrait of a little girl on her father's shoulder. Their soft smiles show their trust and deep emotional connection