Winter Moments

As a native Russian I miss one thing in the Netherlands: snow in the winter. Each time it snows here it feels like a gift (I don’t’ talk about traffic collapses now). I am brought back into my childhood with all its joy. Except, at the time my toys did not include a camera. You got it right: here come some photos!


At the beginning of December there was a really cold night, and the grass and trees touched by frost looked really beautiful. I went for a walk to the Loet forest in Krimpenerwaard and was amazed by the nostalgic beauty of that misty day.

OlgaRook-winter-mist-holland-8 OlgaRook-winter-mist-holland-3OlgaRook-winter-mist-holland-6 OlgaRook-winter-mist-holland-7 OlgaRook-winter-mist-holland-4 OlgaRook-winter-mist-holland-5 OlgaRook-winter-mist-holland-15 OlgaRook-winter-mist-holland-11 OlgaRook-winter-mist-holland-13 OlgaRook-winter-mist-holland-9OlgaRook-winter-mist-holland-10 OlgaRook-winter-mist-holland-14

In the past couple of days a serious blizzard covered everything in snow creating a kind of fairytale decoration. So there I was in the middle of the blizzard under a large umbrella and with my camera in a rain sleeve. Cold and fun!

OlgaRook-winter OlgaRook-winter-2 OlgaRook-winter-holland-2 OlgaRook-winter-holland OlgaRook-winter-holland-4 OlgaRook-winter-holland-3 OlgaRook-winter-holland-5OlgaRook-winter-holland-6
As for the photos of the birds among the snowflakes: these were indeed made with my lens into the sky. But it was safe for the lens because I did it through the window 🙂

Wishing you magical December mood!