I promised to share more travel photography on my blog and had announced a photo story of my trip to Venice.

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.”

Truman Capote


Venice is undoubtedly one of my favorite destinations. It is full of history, poetry and music. It’s vibrant and melancholic, magnificent and shabby, loud and still. True mystique, romance, art and kitsch are all mixed in this city. Each hour and kind of light evokes its own magic here. It even feels as if different times and worlds coexist in this misty air.

Years ago I specialized in Medieval and Renaissance studies and know quite a lot about Venetian history and art. Yet, the stones hear seem to whisper a countless tales I wish I could hear.

I was overwhelmed, intoxicated and started to miss this enchanted city even before I left it. Like other visitors, I desperately made photographs in faint hope to take a particle of this magic with me. It remains elusive and so keeps inspiring me.

Venice-OlgaRook-41 Venice-OlgaRook-46Venice-OlgaRook-50 Venice-OlgaRook Venice-OlgaRook-15 Venice-OlgaRook-22Venice-OlgaRook-27 Venice-OlgaRook-26 Venice-OlgaRook-101Venice-OlgaRook-32Venice-OlgaRook-25 Venice-OlgaRook-33 Venice-OlgaRook-16 Venice-OlgaRook-11 Venice-OlgaRook-31 Venice-OlgaRook-7 Venice-OlgaRook-24 Venice-OlgaRook-3Venice-OlgaRook-67 Venice-OlgaRook-102Venice-OlgaRook-62 Venice-OlgaRook-57 Venice-OlgaRook-4 Venice-OlgaRook-104Venice-OlgaRook-5 Venice-OlgaRook-105 Venice-OlgaRook-106 Venice-OlgaRook-107 Venice-OlgaRook-108Venice-OlgaRook-100 Venice-OlgaRook-73Venice-OlgaRook-72 Venice-OlgaRook-30 Venice-OlgaRook-74Venice-OlgaRook-75 Venice-OlgaRook-52 Venice-OlgaRook-51 Venice-OlgaRook-42Venice-OlgaRook-44

To be continued