Venice, part 2

You might remember I wanted to share more photos from my Venetian holiday. Venice is so full of inspiration for me I just could not fit my favorite impressions of it into a single post! Here come more images, a mix of tourist attractions, shabby corners, glamourous shop windows, old and modern art.

When I seek another word for ‘music’, I never find any other word than ‘Venice’.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Venice-OlgaRook-2 Venice-OlgaRook-6 Venice-OlgaRook-8 Venice-OlgaRook-9 Venice-OlgaRook-10 Venice-OlgaRook-12 Venice-OlgaRook-14 Venice-OlgaRook-17 Venice-OlgaRook-18 Venice-OlgaRook-19Venice-OlgaRook-23 Venice-OlgaRook-28 Venice-OlgaRook-34 Venice-OlgaRook-36 Venice-OlgaRook-37 Venice-OlgaRook-38 Venice-OlgaRook-43 Venice-OlgaRook-45 Venice-OlgaRook-48 Venice-OlgaRook-56 Venice-OlgaRook-59 Venice-OlgaRook-60Venice-OlgaRook-71Venice-OlgaRook-66 Venice-OlgaRook-68Venice-OlgaRook-61 Venice-OlgaRook-103Venice-OlgaRook-69Venice-OlgaRook-78 Venice-OlgaRook-80 Venice-OlgaRook-83Venice-OlgaRook-84 Venice-OlgaRook-86 Venice-OlgaRook-87 Venice-OlgaRook-90 Venice-OlgaRook-91 Venice-OlgaRook-94 Venice-OlgaRook-96 Venice-OlgaRook-98 Venice-OlgaRook-99

More travel photography to come!