Marc: Business Portrait in Rotterdam

Today I’d like to share some photos from a business portrait photoshoot I had in Rotterdam last summer.


Most professionals require good portraits to be used online, on their business or corporate websites as well as on various social media profiles, such as LinkedIn. A photo is an essential part of your professional presentation and wider personal branding. Authenticity is an important part of it, and more business people are currently choosing less formal portraits to express their personality in a more natural way.

Marc approached me to make some portraits. He is an entrepreneur and was looking for new photos for both his website and social media, ideally, a variety of images ranging from more relaxed to more businesslike. Marc preferred a natural feel for the whole series and chose an outdoor setting.

Rotterdam offers a number of spots that allow combining stylish and dynamic urban environment with relaxed green areas. The surroundings of the Hotel New York is one of such spots. Marc and I had a little photo walk here making use of several different backgrounds. Changing outfits added up to the variety of portraits to be used for different purposes. Marc looks like a model and I could not resist shooting some fashion-like portraits too.

Zakelijke-portretfotografie-LinkedIn-fotoshoot_OlgaRookPhotography-12Zakelijke-portretfotografie-LinkedIn-fotoshoot_OlgaRookPhotography-2 Zakelijke-portretfotografie-LinkedIn-fotoshoot_OlgaRookPhotography-3 Zakelijke-portretfotografie-LinkedIn-fotoshoot_OlgaRookPhotography-4 Zakelijke-portretfotografie-LinkedIn-fotoshoot_OlgaRookPhotography-5 Zakelijke-portretfotografie-LinkedIn-fotoshoot_OlgaRookPhotography-6 Zakelijke-portretfotografie-LinkedIn-fotoshoot_OlgaRookPhotography-7 Zakelijke-portretfotografie-LinkedIn-fotoshoot_OlgaRookPhotography-8 Zakelijke-portretfotografie-LinkedIn-fotoshoot_OlgaRookPhotography-9 Zakelijke-portretfotografie-LinkedIn-fotoshoot_OlgaRookPhotography-10 Zakelijke-portretfotografie-LinkedIn-fotoshoot_OlgaRookPhotography-11

I enjoyed working with Marc and was happy to hear he found our photo shoot relaxed and pleasant. Thank you for the great photo session, Marc!