Anya: Portraits of an Artist

The portrait series I want to share today is not from a regular photo shoot. I had some upgrades on my equipment and had to make some test shots. So when we went out with my old friend Anya Saxby I took some photos of her.


At the time I was mainly busy with the technical performance of my new lens. However, when looking back at these photos I noticed more. Anya is a talented photographer and artist, and I view the series of her portraits as a little study of an artist’s character. I see a person who has a special, poetic outlook at the outside world and is always in a discovering mode. Experiencing the reality through the filters of her mind, mood and poetry to return that vision through her creations. Add a touch of “Russian soul” here: one’s cultural identity often serves as one of “artistic filters”. Expressive and original, Anya is an inspiring person and artist.

Fotoshoot-Rotterdam-2017-OlgaRookPhotography-3Fotoshoot-Rotterdam-2017-OlgaRookPhotography-2 Fotoshoot-Rotterdam-2017-OlgaRookPhotography-12Fotoshoot-Rotterdam-2017-OlgaRookPhotography-4Fotoshoot-Rotterdam-2017-OlgaRookPhotography-6 Fotoshoot-Rotterdam-2017-OlgaRookPhotography-7 Fotoshoot-Rotterdam-2017-OlgaRookPhotography-9Fotoshoot-Rotterdam-2017-OlgaRookPhotography-8 Fotoshoot-Rotterdam-2017-OlgaRookPhotography-5