Sasha’s Birthday: Family Photo Session and a Children’s Party Reportage at Plaswijckpark in Rotterdam

Today I want to share with your some photos from a family and children’s party photo session in Rotterdam last summer.

Nadia and Sergey are a beautiful expat couple from Russia currently working and living in the Netherlands. With their little daughter Sasha turning three years old and a new baby on the way, they wanted to mark that moment in their lives with a natural style family photo shoot and to make Sasha’s birthday party all the more memorable with a reportage of the children’s feast.


The birthday party with a picnic was planned at the Plaswijckpark in Rotterdam. It offers plenty of attractions and activities for children and families, and we knew the kids will have a lot of fun there. The park opens only at 10 AM so we decided to start with the family photos a bit earlier at the adjacent park that has a wide green lawn and a playground. The weather forecast for the day was quite dramatic so we were equipped with umbrellas and raincoats in case of storm. Luckily, the morning was bright and sunny, and Sasha could just run around with her light summer dress and play with her parents.

Then we moved on to the Plaswijckpark where Sasha welcomed her guests. There was a ride on a beautiful vintage carousel, blowing bubbles, taking a roundtrip through the park with a cute little train, a special birthday cake and much more. At some moments the sky got dark and it rained but the kids had a great day. Sasha was always shining and clearly enjoyed her birthday. She is a sweet and smart little girl and we have a whole range of her fun and character expressions in these photos. There is an atmosphere of love in this family, and I am happy I was there to capture it on that special day.

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Thank you, dear Nadia, Sergey and Sasha!