A Morning in a Park: Rotterdam Family Photography

As a family photographer I capture precious moments of life for my clients: it is both a privilege for me, and a source of fun. And I love to see my dear clients back to document yet another episode of their story for them!

Last year I photographed this beautiful expat family in Rotterdam, and when I heard that Tuğçe wanted a new photo session I was very excited. I knew it must be a lot of fun again. This time we had chosen as our location another wonderful park in Rotterdam: Arboretum Trompenburg. This park has not many wide laws that are great for larger families. Instead it offers a plenty of routes to explore for couples and families with one or two children.


We had a wonderful morning at the park together. Little Deniz ran around, her amazing curls springing. She played with her parents and wanted all their attention. We scheduled our photo session around Tuğçe’s birthday so I wanted to make some solo portraits of her. Photographing a mother when her young child jumps around can be quite a challenge. Mustafa was great at distracting Deniz at these moments, but then my attention was split between two lovely scenes! Luckily, we managed to capture both.

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I think our reportage shows the abundance of love and fun in this beautiful family. Thank you for the great day, dear Tuğçe, Mustafa and Deniz!