Photoshoot at the Beach: Family Photography in Wassenaar

Today I want to share some photos from an amazing family photo session at the beach. I have a weakness for family traditions and really like the idea of annual family reportages and Xmas pictures. They are more common with my expat clients, and I wish more Dutch families would discover this tradition. Regular photo sessions are awesome in showing the children change and grow.


Zanya and her beautiful family are expats living in Rotterdam, and over the past couple of years we have already explored some local parks together. Now, as their youngest daughter is getting older, Zanya had thought of a different and slightly further location, like a beach. So this time we held our photo session at the beach and forest of Wassenaar.

We arrived to Wassenaar early in the morning, and had the beach all to ourselves. Photo sessions at the sea definitely need not be limited to the warm summer season: the Fall has its own poetry. On the beach you can always expect some wind, but the wind is also a reason why at the sea you often have a better chance to stay dry when it rains at other places! That was also the case on the day of our photo session: we had a pleasant morning while a couple of kilometers further it was all rainy.

We had a very nice time walking at the sea and then at the forest next to it. Sophia and little Emma had plenty of space to play and to have fun. Sophia is getting a big girl with big ideas: she told me she wants to become a chef at a restaurant specializing in pasta, and not just somewhere but in Paris! Wow, I was really impressed.

fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-4 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-2 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-8fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-9fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-11 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-7fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-10 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-12 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-13 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-14 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-15 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-16fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-5 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-6 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-17 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-18 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-19 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-22 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-20 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-21 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-23 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-24 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-25 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-26 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-28 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-27 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-31 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-30 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-29 fotoshoot-gezin-strand-Wassenaar-fotograaf-OlgaRook-32

I was happy to capture all kinds of precious family moments together, the emotional band between the sisters and of the children and parents, but also beautiful solo portraits and some shots of a lovely couple as well. It was a wonderful day of an awesome family, and the photographs will remain!