Baptism Photography in Apeldoorn: Nicky’s Day

Christenings are such wonderful events to photograph and I was happy to hear from Mariesa who wanted me to document her little son’s baptism in the beautiful Our Lady church in Apeldoorn.

We started our event reportage in the morning photographing baby Nicky at home with all the family that gathered there on his special day. It was a pleasant summer day, and the garden behind the house was large enough for any group portraits. I love all the photos of the charming little guy Nicky with his parents, grandparents and godparents, and everybody else: they show the love in the family and the fun of being together.


Just look at the little Nicky with that happy smile! It was also very special to capture Nicky together with his elder brother Alain. Alain is very caring about his baby brother and likes to play with him. He was very excited about Nicky’s day. I really love their portraits together: so pure and timeless, capturing the boys as they are now and showing their character and their special band. I am also very happy with the portraits of Alain together with his daddy and gorgeous mother.

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After the family pre-party we headed off to the church. I have already photographed at this church before and knew it the baptism will be beautiful. It was great to see so many family and friends there on Nicky’s special day.

Nicky’s parents are friends with my other lovely clients from Apeldoorn, so I enjoyed feeling like a community member when meeting these fantastic families together on that special day. The ceremony was splendid and was followed by a fun party.

doopfotografie-apeldoorndoopfotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-19 doopreportage doopfotografie-apeldoorn-2 doopfotografie-moments doopreportage-1 doopfotografie-apeldoorn-OlgaRook-18 doop-mariakerk-apeldoornI feel honored to photograph special memories for my clients, and I fully enjoyed that lovely christening reportage.