Matteo’s Photo Shoot: Gent region Children’s Photography

In my recent posts about a children photo shoot in Belgium I told you about little princesses Emilia and Luisa, and today I present to you the new photo model discovery: their brother Matteo.

It is such a feast for the photographer when a child sees a photo session not only as a cool event (which it is!) but also as a means of self-expression. That is essentially an artistic approach, and it doubles the fun on the both sides of the lens!

fine art moody portrait of an impish boy

Matteo with his nonchalant expressive character was always a joy to photograph – especially when he did not drive away full speed in one of his pedal sports cars. This time he was more than willing to take his time and stand in the spotlight. We played with “tough” expressions, and Matteo offered me his amazing mafioso-look.

How do you make a photo shoot more fun for a boy of any age? That’s right: involve a car in your session. It was easy for us to do: Matteo’s dad has an impressive BMW parked next to the house. Naturally, Matteo knew everything about this car and was happy to grab his chance to act like a driver. Look at these proud and enthusiast expressions! In the car, but also indoors and in the garden we created a wonderful mixture of portraits: the dramatic tough look and the cheerful imaginative character shining behind it.

moody portrait of a little boy with a dramatic look portrait of a boy standing at the edge of the wood photo of a boy standing next to a car photo of a laughing boy standing next to a car as if he is the owner reflection of a boy's face in a car mirror photo of a little boy in a car photo of a boy in a car photo of a laughing little boy in a car portrait of a little boy at the table portrait of a laughing little boy portrait of a laughing boy driving a pedal car portrait of a boy photo of a laughing little boy riding a bike

Thank you, dear Matteo! Next time I will feature another model talent growing in this family: the youngest sister, Giulia.

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