Emilia: Gent Children Photography

It is always wonderful to meet my old clients again. This time I want to tell you about a photo reportage I had with one of my favorite clients – a Belgian family living not far from Gent. This was our 4th elaborate reportage since 2012: it’s such a privilege to photograph the children growing, and there are four amazing children in this family.

My first acquaintance with the family was when I photographed Emilia, the eldest sister, for her spring party. Now the twins, Luisa and Matteo, had their spring party too. I photographed the party itself too, but first we had a portrait session to capture each of the children. The idea to produce 4 individual artistic albums for each child in a relatively short photo session is a challenging one – but I am a big fan of these kids and knew it will work out perfectly.


So let me put each of the children in the spotlight. I will start with Emilia. She was seven years old when I met her first and had always been a little princess. Not only is she wonderfully pretty. I love so much about Emilia is that she is a tender and caring soul: it shines from her eyes, and you can see it at any moment she helps her younger sisters or brother. You should also see Emilia dancing and laughing with friends: she’s definitely got allure and is a real fascionista!

Here are a few photos. I really love the vintage-style fine art portraits in front of the antique mirror: they are literally about self-reflection of a child.

fotoshoot-kinderfotograaf-Gent-2 fotoshoot-kinderfotograaf-Gent-3 fotoshoot-kinderfotograaf-Gent-6 fotoshoot-kinderfotograaf-Gent-5 fotoshoot-kinderfotograaf-Gent-4 fotoshoot-kinderfotograaf-Gent-7 fotoshoot-kinderfotograaf-Gent-8 fotoshoot-kinderfotograaf-Gent-9 fotoshoot-kinderfotograaf-Gent-12fotoshoot-kinderfotograaf-Gent-OlgaRook

It was a pleasure to photograph Emilia again, and in my next blog I am going to say a few words about her younger sister.

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