Amsterdam Children Photography

Here is another story from the end of the last summer. We had a wonderful photo session in Amsterdam with my old clients and their two little children: Ollie who is three years old now and Noukie who’s one and a half.


We started our reportage at the playground in front of family’s home in the heart of Amsterdam. The kids loved to swing on the swing, and Ollie also proudly climbed on the slide. Then we slowly walked through the picturesque streets and bridges of Amsterdam, having a lot of fun under way. When we passed the sculpture of the famous schoolmaster Theo Thijssen and a writing schoolboy Kees de Jongen, Ollie was curious to see what the bronze Kees was actually writing. After a walk through the town we arrived at Westerpark with its green lawns and had a small picnic there. The kids were running around, hugged the trees and fed the rather assertive ducks at the lake.

Little Nouki may look like an angel but behind her tender features is an independent and fearless character. She is probably the first little girl I met who was not afraid of spiders but was curious to explore them! And Ollie was a caring and protective elder brother. It was great to photograph the kids in action in various situations, also together with their parents and their grandmother.

This family photo session was full of joy and fun, and it also reflects the atmosphere of the place where the children grow. These photos will surely help them bring back these moments of their early childhood when they grow up.

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Thanks a lot for this wonderful day!

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