An Autumn Family Photo shoot in Rotterdam

A year ago I photographed a beautiful expat family in Rotterdam. I was happy to know they wanted to make our autumn photo sessions a yearly tradition. The Arboretum Trompenburg park in Rotterdam Kralingen with its romantic paths and rich autumn colors was a perfect location for a family photo shoot for this year.

It’s always great to see my clients back and to see their children grow. The photo sessions are even more relaxed for the kids when they see me as an old friend.

Sophia is six years old now and immediately told me a lot about her school and the things she likes. She is a real fashionista (like her gorgeous mother Zanya) and was eager to pose like a model. And a lovely model she is!

The younger sister Emma is two years old now and had grown into a little princess. With her beautiful classic dress and loose hair she looked like a delicate porcelain doll from the Victorian era. She loved to run around in the park and discover its many wonders.


rotterdam-kinderfotografie-olgarook-2 rotterdam-kinderfotografie-olgarook fineart-kinderfotografie-olgarook-3 rotterdam-kinderfotografie-olgarook-3 fineart-kinderfotografie-olgarook-4 rotterdam-kinderfotografie-olgarook-5 rotterdam-familie-fotoshoot-olgarook-2 rotterdam-familie-fotoshoot-olgarook-3 rotterdam-familie-fotoshoot-olgarook-4 rotterdam-familie-fotoshoot-olgarook-5 rotterdam-familie-fotoshoot-olgarook-6 rotterdam-familie-fotoshoot-olgarook-7 rotterdam-familie-fotoshoot-olgarook-9 rotterdam-familie-fotoshoot-olgarook-8 rotterdam-familie-fotoshoot-olgarook-10 rotterdam-familie-fotoshoot-olgarook-11 rotterdam-familie-fotoshoot-olgarook-13 rotterdam-familie-fotoshoot-olgarook-12 rotterdam-familie-fotoshoot-olgarook-14

I always allow the children time and space to enjoy themselves during the photo session, and try to move on and change the scene often enough to keep it exciting for them. This also results in a variety of photos, interactions and moods. Our fun family photo shoot yielded – just like last year – a lovely photo album showing the family together, and the little girls as they grow.

Thank you for the wonderful moments, dear Zanya, Gustavo, Sophia and Emma!

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