Taeke and Pepijn: Two Little Brothers Reportage in Rotterdam

Today I want to feature a family photo session with two little brothers: the three-year old Taeke and the nine-months old Pepijn. Their mother Mieke contacted me for a natural reportage that would capture the boys how they are at this special age while revealing their character and showing genuine emotion. These are the things I am always after, and I was happy to meet the family at the Arboretum Trompenburg park in Rotterdam Kralingen. And what a wonderful family it was to photograph!


Last September felt totally like summer. Little Pepijn didn’t wear any shoes, you can see his tiny baby-feet on many photos. We spent a wonderful morning at the picturesque green park with its fairy-tale pathways and bridges. Taeke was told the place is inhabited by dwarves who hide from the visitors. He became very curious and immediately ran into the park searching for dwarves and almost found some in the bushes. He had also heard of a wolf living there and was absolutely not afraid. What a wonderful sense of magic and adventure he carried around!

Taeke ran around and played with his little brother and his parents. And as we left the park we came across a Rolls-Roys waiting for the couple that had their wedding photoshoot in the park. This fantastic card naturally fascinated the boys, and they were even allowed to seat behind the steer for a moment! That is a treat for every boy. Looking at Pepijn you realize that at nine months of age he already enjoyed it.

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We had so many special moments, emotions, interactions and expressions during our photo session that it was a difficult task to make a selection of photos for an album. The album turned out a very thick one, and family also has wonderful wall portraits preserving these moments of pure joy.

Thank you so much for the great time!

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