Expat photo reportage in a park: Rotterdam Family Photography

Today I am thrilled to share an amazing family reportage I had in Rotterdam at the end of the last August. The summer passed by, but these photos can brighten up any gray day.

Mother and daughter photography: an emotional portrait of a beautiful mother holding her little daughter in her hands in a sunny park

Tuğçe is a beautiful expat business lady from Turkey working in Rotterdam. She contacted me to plan a family photo session for this summer. The family lives in the center of Rotterdam, has an active lifestyle and enjoys outdoor activities, so we decided to choose the park at the Euromast as our location. This park is one of my favorite places in Rotterdam to photograph extended families and families with several children. The beautiful green lawns here allow a lot of space to move and play around!

Although the weather was rather unstable this summer, the morning of our photo shoot was warm and sunny and perfectly summery. Our photo session was a whirlwind of fun and positive emotion at every minute, so full of love, warmth, energy and allure. I was happy to capture everybody both individually concentrating on one’s personality and also together showing emotion, connection and precious moments of being together. Just take a look at Kerem and Selin with their curly little sister Deniz. Or take the photos of Deniz having fun with her parents: the moments say so much about the special band of a little girl with her mother and father. And look at romantic and alluring photos of Tuğçe and Mustafa: I am always happy to capture a couple just together when the kids allow a minute for it (and mostly it is only a minute indeed!). All these photos grasp the family’s spirit and tell a story.

portrait of siblings: elder brother and sister with their two-year old sister black and white outdoor portrait of a cheerful curly little girl Joyful mother and daughter portrait in a park Family portrait in a park spontaneous and fun family portrait of parents with their little daughter in a park Spontaneous and joyful family photography: parents playing with their little daughter in a park Spontaneous and joyful family photography in a park Photo of a mother playing with her little daughter in a park a natural portrait of a beautiful young woman in a park natural outdoor portrait of a girl outdoor portrait of a boy portrait of a happy and proud father with his young son and daughterromantic portrait of a boy father and son portrait father and son photography photo of a father with his daughter and son emotional father and daughter portrait classic and romantic black and white portrait of a young girl with bright eyes Dreamy color portrait of a beautiful and elegant young lady with shining eyes a fun outdoor portrait of a couple love shoot in a park a fun portrait of a couple in a park portrait of a little girl family portrait in a park An outdoor group photo shoot

Our reportage yielded wall portraits, gift photos to share the love with the family and a thick photo book to go through this wonderful day again at any time, also over years and decennia to come.

Thank you for this fantastic photo session, dear Tuğçe, Mustafa, Kerem, Selin and Deniz!

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