A Special Birthday Present: Reportage in Capelle aan den IJssel and Kop van Zuid

Astrid wanted to give her husband Niels a special present for his birthday. Something very personal, unique and lasting on behalf of herself and their son Fabian. What, then, could be more personal than several custom-made portraits? Astrid thought even bigger than this: Niels should receive not just a couple of prints, but a whole gift album with a fun photo story to surprise him! Of course, surprise also means it had to be kept secret…


I was happy to help in creating that special gift. We planned our reportage in advance, and decided to combine several symbolic locations. We started in Capelle aan den IJssel, where the family lives. Astrid and Fabian took a walk in the historical center with Puck, a most joyful and enthusiast dachshund. Then we drove to the city of Rotterdam to walk around Kop van Zuid – an area that is trendy, mundane, and nostalgic at the same time. Astrid had the brilliant idea to take an antique suitcase with her. It made the perfect accessory for adventure and inspired us to make some retro-style photos.

fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-2 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-3 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-4 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-5 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-7 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-6 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-8 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-9 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-10 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-12 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-11 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-13 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-14 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-15 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-16 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-17 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-18 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-19 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-20 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-21 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-23 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-24 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-22

After all the outdoor fun we went to a café for some tea. I could not resist taking some more photos inside. The retro atmosphere and the harsh light with strong contrasts made me think of Edward Hopper’s paintings. So we made a few portraits of Fabian here: he is sixteen now, and the nostalgic setting of the café was perfect for this age full of promise and inspiration.

fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-25fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-26fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-27 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-31 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-28 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-29 fotoshoot-capelle-rotterdam-30


Astrid and Fabian were awesome photo models, and the photo session was a lot of fun.
I would like to congratulate Niels with his birthday and with his fantastic, creative and loving family! Enjoy the celebration and your album!

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