Daan, Lot en Jesse: Teteringen Child Photography

Today I want to share some photos from a photo session from the last spring. I hope you will forgive me for the delay.

Joost and Saskia have three adorable young kids – Daan, Lot and Jesse – and wanted to capture them as they are now. They were looking for individual portraits to add personal and emotionally warming decoration to the living room of their new house. Natural freestyle approach had their preference and fitted the kids’ personalities.


The family lives in Teteringen, and not far from their place there is a forest with dunes. That was a great location for a natural style photo shoot where the children can run and play around. I also made some portraits of the children at home as the light in the room allowed it.

I often offer a combination of both outdoor fun and moments at home for family and children photography sessions. Both at home and in the nature children are in their own element and can be themselves, but a combined reportage shows them in several settings, expressing their personality in different ways.

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Daan, Lot and Jesse were a joy to photograph. Thanks a lot for a wonderful photo session!

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