Milo’s Baptism: A Baptism Reportage from Schiedam

Mischa and Rowena wanted to make a lasting memory of their little son’s baptism day. Such special event with a beautiful ceremony and a family reunion deserves a whole reportage and an album that would bring back the atmosphere of the day. Baby Milo is too young now to keep the memories of this time, but years later these photos will let him see the love that surrounded him as a baby. Naturally, I was happy and honored to document this special day.


We have started our photo session at family’s home in Schiedam. The living room was decorated for the family party in the later afternoon, and Milo was already dressed up for the ceremony. What a cute little man! We had about an hour before the ceremony, so that the parents still had some time to play with Milo at home and I could make some portraits of Milo as he is now. Then we departed for the church and walked through a small park under way.

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The St. Liduina and Our Lady Basilica in Schiedam with its flamboyant Neo-gothic interior was a spectacular setting for a child’s baptism. There were also two other baby boys being baptised at the same time – so it was a busy ceremony with three sets of proud families and friends sharing the joy of the special day.

Though it was a lot of people and an unfamiliar situation, little Milo was very calm and serious, and so were the other kids. It was a pleasure to document this christening with its series of emotional symbolic steps, deeply involving the parents and the family.
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It’s wonderful to know that the precious moments of the day – and this period of Milo’s baby years through them – will be kept in the photo book. And the wall portraits from the reportage will warm the hearts of Milo’s parents’ day after day.

Thank you, for this special day!

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  1. Mischa Jansen 6 September 2016 at 19:29 #

    Hi Olga,

    Thanks for the nice words, and also for the great pictures you took! It was a pleasure to have you around. We now have something very precious to remind us of a perfect day!

    Kind regards

    • Olga Rook 11 September 2016 at 19:32 #

      Thanks a lot, Mischa! It was such a wonderful and special event to photograph!