Milly’s Christening: A Baptism Reportage from Apeldoorn

Today I want to share with you a story about the baptism ceremony of the little precious Milly.

Baptism of a baby is a special and emotional event for the parents. Milly’s lovely mother Sylvana wanted to share these beautiful moments with family and friends, but also to capture the day in a unique photo reportage, so that they – and Milly herself when she will get older – could relive and enjoy it again and again in the years to come. It was an honour and a pleasure for me to capture the ceremony and the feast.

The ceremony took place at the Our Lady church in Apeldoorn, a Neo-Gothic church not far from the family’s home. It was a big day with many family members and guests attending the celebration, and the atmosphere was wonderful and full of joy. The ceremony itself was a beautiful sequence of emotionally loaded moments. And what made it even more special: not only was it solemn but the family and the children were actively involved in the ceremony.

It is amazing how baby Milly seemed to feel the importance of the moment and took it quietly and seriously.


The elder children clearly enjoyed little Milly’s event and were very sweet to her. I already knew some of the children: before Milly was born, I photographed her cousins – Bethany, Mienie and Wim – and was now glad to see them again and to notice how they have grown in a couple of years. Bethany helped to dry Milly’s head gently after the baptism and proudly held the baptism candle. The children also lit the candles at the Maria chapel after the christening.

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The beautiful ceremony and the special atmosphere full of love and joy made it an unforgettable day. And now Milly’s parents (and later also Milly herself) can bring it back looking at the photos on the walls and a large photo book with the reportage of the ceremony and the family feast.

Thank you for the wonderful day, dear Milly, Sylvana and Wouter!

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