The Last Day in the Netherlands: A Rotterdam Expat reportage

Today I have another expat story to share with you.

Patricia, who originally comes from Poland, had lived and worked in the Netherlands for several years and was moving to the USA now. She was already litteraly packing the suitcases when an idea struck her: she must have a photo session in Rotterdam before they live! And what’s particularly important, that photo session should be about her little daughter Ola. The images of the mother and the daughter should capture and preserve the happy time the family spent here and Ola’s precious childhood moments in the Netherlands.


Naturally, I was willing to accept the mission. We only had a couple of days left, and I was fully booked. But we had found a solution: to hold a session in the evening. There was some risk with the little child getting out of energy at that hour but we got lucky with the sun, and Ola was not that sleepy yet.

Patricia wanted to get some urban vibe and some recognisable Rotterdam scenery into the photos – so it was the area around the Hotel New York she chose as our location. A lively place on a sunny evening, with people enjoying themselves and the weather. We could really get the spirit of the place into the photos that way.

expat-reportage-Rotterdam-2expat-reportage-Rotterdam-4expat-reportage-Rotterdam-3expat-reportage-Rotterdam-7expat-reportage-Rotterdam-5expat-reportage-Rotterdam-6expat-reportage-Rotterdam-11 expat-reportage-Rotterdam-12expat-reportage-Rotterdam-8 expat-reportage-Rotterdam-13expat-reportage-Rotterdam-14
expat-reportage-Rotterdam-15 expat-reportage-Rotterdam-16 expat-reportage-Rotterdam-17 expat-reportage-Rotterdam-18

I can imagine how years later the family – and Ola – will look at the pictures and get back the memories of Ola’s sweet childhood years and feel again the special charm of Rotterdam where they had spent some happy years.

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