The Wonderful Moments of being together: Rotterdam Children Reportage

As promised, here are some more images of Félice, Frédérique and Daniël.

Classic and nostalgic monochrome portrait of two little twin sisters in a park.

The twins, of course, wanted to make some girly photos of the two of them and I loved the idea.

This is a great way to see how the girls enjoy being together, how much they have in common and at the same time how different their characters are.

The photos showing this special twin band are so funny and full of emotion.

Classic and painterly portrait of little twin sisters in a park next to an antique park vase.Joyful and poetic photo of two little sisters on a bridge in a park Poetic portrait of two little girls wearing white dresses and running along a bridge in a park Funny portrait of little twin girls making faces Portrait of little twin sisters Portrait of twin sisters in a park Photo of little twin sisters in a park Portrait of little twin girls in a park Joyful photo of twin sisters in the garden laughing Photo of little girls playing in a park Portrait of little twin sisters in a spring park.

And here are the sisters with the elder brother Daniel: a prince with the two little princesses.

Painterly photo of little twin girls and their elder brother

And, of course, the beautiful family together.

Family portrait in a park

Thank you so much for this lovely photo session, dear Mariëlle, Arjen, Daniël, Félice and Frédérique!

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