Chasing the Dreams: Utrecht Child Photography

So often I have to think of childhood as some kind of wonderland. The world is surprising and full of magic when you look it at with the fresh eyes. So many things are to be discovered yet.Wonderland: a dreamy portrait of a little girl

Here are a couple of photos of the little Silke from a family reportage we had in Amelisweerd park in Utrecht. I new Silke a little bit already: from her parents’ photo session when they were expecting her two years ago.

Our photo walk now started at a rather chilly morning hour: you can see the gentle clouds of Silke’s breath in the air. Not everyone likes getting up early but the amazing light is worth it. Just look at Silke trying to catch the bubbles, with a halo in her hair and her gentle little fingers almost transparent in the warm sunlight. This pinkish-golden morning sunshine: it is precisely how it was, no digital enhancement used at all.

Chasing the dreams. Portrait of a little girl running after bubbles in a park. The photo is made during the golden hour and has a fairy tale atmosphere.

Silke’s parents had chosen this image in large format for their living room, and it was fun to look at the bubbles when they are large: you can see the beautiful park details sharply reflected in them 🙂A morning fairy tale. Photos of a little girl looking at soap bubbles in fascination. The images are taken during the golden hour and have a magic feel.

Portrait of a mother and her little daughter in the warm light during the golden hour.Portrait of a mother and her little daughter in a park: warm light, rich autumn colours and a dreamy romantic feel.Portrait of a little girl chasing soap bubbles in a parkDreamy photo of a little girl in a park Dreamy photos of a blond little girl playing with soap bubbles in a grass field dreamy portrait of a little girl running after soap bubbles in a park Thank you, dear Silke (and parents), for these moments of magic!

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