New: Luxe Art Box made in Italy

Today I proudly want to introduce a special product I offer to my clients since last year. Apart from all kinds of prints and albums you can now also choose a collection of art mattes in a deluxe box. It already gained big fans among my clients! This is a luxurious product handmade in Italy using exclusive technologies not available elsewhere. The technique includes printing directly on art mattes of various colors so that each image appears matted in an elegant and ornate way.


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The unique printing technique allows a variety of surfaces and delicate selective coating and covering with custom effects. It makes each matt a little treasure. When you hold it in your hands it’s enchanting to see these surfaces reflect light in different ways. The range of colors and material combinations are endless, and one can choose for black or white inside of the matts.

You can frame the images for the walls, keep them in the luxurious box admire from time to time, place them on the wall without an extra frame or present them on your shelves.

These art matts are available in various formats in collections of 10-30 images per box (perfect for child photography and family reportages). You can choose for a collection in the same style (especially when you prefer classic elegance) or for a combination of mattes in different colors and effects. It is also possible to order them in a form of an album.

These deluxe art mattes are perfect for special portraits but also for art photography. Therefore I have chosen to offer my “Portals” and “Florals” prints in this form as well. You can order them via my fine art website as limited edition prints, signed on the back. It is also possible to order a whole box with a collection.

So what do you think?

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