Girl Power

Dear all and especially, dear ladies,

Today’s photo story is about a reportage for a new website and blog

Portrait of three beautiful women in the spotlight.

This website is made by real women for real women. It is not about the duty of being perfect, but about things we deal with in our daily lives. The project is run by three beautiful ladies representing different sides of a modern woman’s life. Josefina Vos who initiated this project is an ambassador of a foundation and a mother of three fantastic children with whom we had a wonder reportage some time ago.

The motto of the blog is: “Be your OWN kind of beautiful”.

This summer we held a photo session to illustrate the new website and make the profile pictures of the ladies. Our location was a lovely boutique in Arnhem, and our theme was being a woman and enjoying the “girl time” together! Trying beautiful clothes on, fancy hair styling and makeup, a glass of wine together and just having fun! I am a girl too and loved to cover this story.
portrait of three young women in a clothes boutique.

Photo of a laughing girl on a coach at a clothes boutiquephoto of a young woman trying the new shoes.

preparing a hairdress Photo of a pretty girl in front of a ventilatorphoto of a woman reading a fashion magazine with a cup of coffeephoto of a girl at a clothes boutique

photo of a girl doing another girl's hair

Portrait of a young woman in front of a ventilator with wind in her hair photo of a clothes shop

This is what lovely Josefina had to say about our photo moments:

“Olga gives you the feeling you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, so you feel special. And then just for those moments your true beauty shines and it’s captured for a lifetime in one photograph. It tells a story, the story about you, about how perfect you are.”

black and white portrait of a beautiful blond lady

I love this quote. I believe in letting one’s inner and outer beauty shine in a natural way, while you can be yourself. Being yourself, a real person and a woman is also what Josefina’s blog is about and I look forward to reading it. Don’t miss it, girls!

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