Summer Day full of Fairy-tales: Arnhem Children Photography

Sanne has three awesome little children. Just is three years old, Finn three, and baby Tess is just seven months old. Each of these is a special age that passes away so quickly but Sanne lets capture the milestones of her children’s growing in professional portraits.

Colourful portrait of three little children in a summer park listening to a story with their mouths open

The family lives in Arnhem close to a lovely park: a natural location choice for our photoshoot. The boys would run around and play at a pond, and they are also crazy about their baby sister and love to give her a kiss and a hug. Tess is such an adorable baby girl, dearly loved by everyone, happy, quiet and trusting the world around her.

Artistic romantic portrait of a baby girl in a park Portrait of an angelically quiet baby sitting on the stone stairs in a park playing with little flowers Dreamy portraits of a baby girl in a park portrait of a sweet baby girl in a park photos of two little brothers playing together at a pond on a sunny summer day.

How do you make the two active little boys sit still for a minute for a photo of all three kids together? Mommy Sanne knew the answer: she told them a fairy tale about Rabbit the King who used to live in this park. This improvised story was a great success: the children listened to it with their mouth open and you can see how little Finn want to give a kiss to Tess in an outburst of enthusiasm at the end of the story.

Portraits of three little children in a park listening to a story with great interest. Photo of a little boy giving a kiss to his baby sister Classic black and white portrait of a four-year old boy Portrait of a nonchalantly looking little boy Portrait of a little boy A funny photo of a little boy holding his finger in his open mouth Photo of a happy baby girl in a park Colourful portrait of a brave looking little boy Portrait of a little boy in magic light Portrait of a little boy with a stick in a wood.

Photographing happy kids on a lovely day at a beautiful park is a triple pleasure. I enjoyed this photo session a lot!

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