A Group Portrait with Character: Bussum Family Photography

Sandra and her brother Frank wanted to make a special gift for their father’s anniversary: a wall portrait of Sandra with her husband Chris and Frank with his wife Fabienne. The two couples together but not in a traditional group photo with “say cheese” smiles. It had to be an unconventional group portrait with character. Great attitude, I thought at once.

Black and white group portrait of two couples together

We took a walk in the surroundings of Sandra’s and Chris’ home in Bussum. After just a few minutes walk we reached an open field. It gave a wonderful sense of space and freedom and made us think of the scenery on the famous “Joshua Tree” CD cover by U2. A great inspiration for a group portrait with character, isn’t it? It was a fun photo session and I love the atmosphere in the images we created.

Family photo shoot in your own style A group photo of two men and two women: they radiate self-confidence and style a group portrait in an open field A fun and spontaneous family portrait in black and whiteFamily portrait of two couples in black and white.a group portrait in a wood unconventional family portrait photo of two laughing couples in a field

After the group portraits we also took some images of the couples: romantic and fun. I admire their allure!

Portrait of a laughing couple Black and white portrait of a kissing couple A portrait of a couple A funny portrait of a couple

In the end, we’ve made special portraits for both the families and their parents.

Thank you, dear Sandra, Frank, Fabienne and Chris! I hope you, your parents and kids will enjoy the portraits for years to come.

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