Back to Childhood: A Fairytale Picnic

Childhood is more than a beautiful age to photograph. After we grow up we still carry its memories, lessons and experiences with us. The link to your younger “self” through the time fascinates me. So recently I have started a photo project on memories and emotions that our old toys (or some material objects from the past) awaken.

project on childhood memories

Eva was one of my volunteers. I have photographed her and her family before and now she was enthusiast about the project.

Here is what Eva sais:

“I have very good and warm memories of my childhood years. Last year I actually put those beautful memories together in a whole leather album together (I digitalized the old photos myself) and dream away with it from time to time.

As I child I loved to play with my elder sister who had great imagination and stimulated it in me. I have lots of warm memories about how we played together (even if she was rather bossy at times J), both with toys and with imaginary situations.

In our little “house” we made our own soup from herbs we collected at a nearby garden, we made perfume from rose petals, had a cup of tea together. These are kind of things I was busy with.

These memories are extra special for me because I lost my sister almost five years ago, but her creativity and fantasy live on in me and gave me a strong basis.”

Eva has photos of herself alone and of herself together with her sister playing a picnic with a toy tea set. On the photo of the little girls together Eva’s sister is wearing a red cover à la Little Red Riding Hood. The toy tea set and the red scarf became our inspiration for the session. Eva’s mother even made a special red cape for Eva!

A fairy tale picnic, why not? A joyful and peaceful spring morning was also something from a fairy tale. Here are a few photos from this session.

Kinderjaren-volwassen-7project on childhood memoriesproject on childhood memoriesKinderjaren-volwassen-9

Thank you so much, dear Eva!

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